PAR-F27ME wired controller

  • User friendly operation and monitoring.
  • Controls up to 16 indoor units in a single group.
  • User Functions: Allows user to set
    - On/Off
    - operation modes of Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, or Auto (R2-series only)
    - set temperature  16°C – 28°C, dependent ON operation mode
    - Fan Speed setting
    - airflow direction
  • Timer Operation: Supports repeated daily timer operation of one On/Off setting repeated every day and an auto-off timer.
  • Room Temperature: Displays room temperature sensed at the indoor unit (default) or at the remote controller.
  • Set Temperature Range Limit: Reduces the allowable set temperature range in cool or heat modes.
  • Function Lock-Out: Prohibits all functions or all functions except On/Off.
  • Diagnostics: Displays 4-digit error code and error unit address.
  • Grouping: Can only be used in same group with a total of two PAR-F27MEA (ME Remote Controllers) per group.
  • Addressing: Requires manual addressing using rotary dial switch to the M-NET communication bus.
  • Wiring: Connects using two-wire, stranded, non-polar control wire to TB5 connection terminal on the indoor unit.
  • Dimensions: W x H x D (mm) 130 x 120 x 19
  • Expandability: Connects with Program Timer to expand timer operation and provide set-back operation.